Welcome to my personal Web Site!

My name is Ivan Bedini and in this web page you will find some information about contributions that I have done in the past few years on normalization and research.

Presenting myself

I am currently working at Trento RISE, one of the European Innovation Pole. My current duty is focused on bringing innovation from the research world, strictly speaking the research done at the department of Information Engineering and Computer Science University of Trento and the research center FBK. The focus is on BigData, yeah I know, yet another buzz world that carry on plenty of technologies and many other things. Nevertheless is a domain absolutely interesting a with many "new" challenges. It mixes many well known and founded works around parallel and distributed computing, data mining and analytics in general with a lot of new challenges. Again it is very interesting and exciting working in this domain.

Another activity I'm currently starting as champion is CoderDojo Trento FB CoderDojo Trento FB CoderDojo Trento
An initiative born in Ireland in 2011 with the scope of creating clubs for teaching coding to kids and teenagers.

Before coming back to Italy I have been worked as researcher, precisely Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs Ireland since July 2010. Previously I have been worked for 10 years at Orange Labs in France, where I have held various research, standardization and technical project management roles.

Since 2000 I’ve contributed to several projects, initially as Workflow and BPM (Business Process Management) developer and consultant. In 2004 I started to deal with ebXML, a really reach framework of specifications for electronic business. I have been technical manager for the RepXML project, which is an interesting prototype implementing an ebXML Registry/Repository solution for storing and manage ebXML Core Components.

Thanks to this experience and acquired knowledge I’ve started to contribute to some standardization groups especially with CLEEP (ex EDIFRANCE), OASIS ebXML RR technical committee and UN/CEFACT ICG (Information Content Group).

I hold a PhD in Computer Science (Semantic Technologies applied to B2B Integration) from the University of Versailles, and I had the honour to have Georges Gardarin as director and his assistant Benjamin Nguyen. Here I’ve switched from the “pure” B2B domain to the new Semantic Web wave, but always with the idea to contribute (maybe one day not so far) to the development of flexible e-business interchanges and more specifically to data integration.

During the PhD I’ve developed a prototype, called Janus, which is an implementation of several Semantic Web and information retrieval related techniques for building ontologies from XML files as automatically as possible. Here you can find a demo (video format) and other useful information about it.

During 2012 I have started to investigate the adoption of distributed computing frameworks to enable the analysis of very large datasets. The system I am actually deeply studying is STORM, a free and open source distributed realtime computation system, that shows a high adaptable framework for dynamic reconfiguration. The aim of my research is to be able to freeing the developer from many tedious actions related to system optimization.

Public documents

Here some public document where I'm either editor or contributor.



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